• Anchoring and Encoding the “Unity Chakra System,” the System of “ONE.”
• Activating the “13 Phase Unity Merkaba Lightbody,” Ascension vehicle of the Masters.
• Learn the “Mudra of Divine Creation,” the Divine Mother Energy.
• Body Rejuvenation through Lifeforce Chakra Breath using Sound & Color.
• Multidimensional Clearing with Sound & Color, utilizing the Violet Flame of St. Germain.

Holographic Sound Healing Training Level 1



    "Just this morning, Ed did a sound healing for me and Joann Moore in our home. It was one of the most peaceful, and productive sessions ever! If you have not had this experience yet, please give Ed Cleveland a call and perhaps schedule your own healing with him...AMAZING!!"

    - Joseph FireCrow

    Contact:  (860) 681-3981


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