What I teach:
• Learn how to properly start playing a singing bowl.

• Work on your own self-healing.

• Learn how to use them in a meditation.

• Learn how to add to a Reiki healing or massage practice.


What you will get:

• You will learn to feel what Quartz and Gemstone Singing Bowls can and will do for you, as well as each person within the sound vibration.

• You will work with a one of a kind collection of Gemstone Singing Bowls.

• You will understand what Gemstones can do for you.

• You will understand more about the Chakra System and what parts of the body they are used for.

It's a lot of information in this 6 hour day with Professionally Trained Master Sound Healer Ed Cleveland. We will also be doing some deep clearing work on our physical and light bodies, so bring extra water bottles, and a lite lunch.

6 hours long workshop.

Gemstone Singing Bowls Certified Practitioner Training



    "Just this morning, Ed did a sound healing for me and Joann Moore in our home. It was one of the most peaceful, and productive sessions ever! If you have not had this experience yet, please give Ed Cleveland a call and perhaps schedule your own healing with him...AMAZING!!"

    - Joseph FireCrow

    Contact:  (860) 681-3981


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