In being Reiki III you will learn:

• How to Love Yourself.
• Going into Mirror Work.
• Three Aspects of you.
• How to see, and sense your Aura.
• Finding your Third Eye - Candle Meditation.
• Remote Viewing Exercise.
• Sound Healing Principles.
• Alignment Methodology, and Grounding.
• Soul Retrieval from past places you lived Meditation.
• The Power of Crystals.
• Feather Healing, Cleansing the Aura.
• The Four Elements.
• Essential Oils for the Chakras.
• Hand Chakras.

• Study of Chakra Energy System basics.
• Law of Attraction - Attachments.
• Midas Star – The Reiki Symbol for Abundance and Prosperity.
• We will experience many different ways to practice Being Reiki. 

Usui Reiki Level III



    "Just this morning, Ed did a sound healing for me and Joann Moore in our home. It was one of the most peaceful, and productive sessions ever! If you have not had this experience yet, please give Ed Cleveland a call and perhaps schedule your own healing with him...AMAZING!!"

    - Joseph FireCrow

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